Jul 27, 2014


I said her from the city so her got to witty, witty


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Jul 25, 2014
Anonymous asked: Why do u think about love so much?

Out of all the anons in my box, I feel like the questions I entertain come from the same person. I think you’re very creepy and interesting for being so creepy.

Anyway, love is so important and complicated. It’s so flexible. It’s not man made. I still don’t understand it. Understandable things aren’t always fun.

Jul 25, 2014
Jul 16, 2014


fucked her brains out and she might pretend…to be in love, to be in love, to be in love…

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Jul 13, 2014



Peep my nigga joeys new mix. Too necessary for the sadness
Jul 10, 2014

1 second of love.
Loveless romantic. That is me.

Jul 10, 2014


I think I lost it again

Jul 10, 2014


Divinity - SZA & Jill Scott

Jul 10, 2014
It is a luxury to be understood.
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Jul 10, 2014
Jul 4, 2014

Life is crazy, crazy life.

Brother going to war, other brother facing jail.

Now a threat to my idols, homies and friends on the rise, while I’m just idle.

Work to get paid. Work to save. Work to pay off a weapon charge; a pocket knife used to open boxes for work but to go to war, they give brother a knife double the size, all from the same g-o-v.

Only a p-o-v.

Old bootycalls want to be friends, should I laugh now or later?

Old friends wanna be bootycalls, fuck it, I’ll laugh now.

Your manager wants to take me out to the club. Not my manager, remember I’m “jobless”. you know, cuz I’m fun.

Models, woulda Thought they were foreign with porcelain faces, but that’s all breakable. Who knew love was fake-able?

My feelings are much like the name of this club, “up and down”. Everyone wants in and I just want out of it.

Letting people in is all timing, who knew you would lie so soon? Who knew time even mattered?

"Every little thing is gonna be alright" is everyone’s answer. So I say, "that’s how the song goes, right?"

Room full of faces buried in screens looking at more faces. “At least you don’t have to hear everyone’s bullshit”, says a friend. He goes on, “if I wanted to hear bullshit, I would stay at home”. I says, “are you blind?! This is all our home!”

I’ll just watch some soccer, give me a drink.

Just an interpretation, of……. Ugh.

Jul 1, 2014




Viva Colombia
Jul 1, 2014


New song by Isa
Jun 25, 2014

I spend a lot of time thinking of what to say to my siblings, about everything.

Jun 23, 2014


DJ FELLA OLD SCHOOL BUBBLER by Dj Fella http://johalputt.com/1pwFOnV 1 all night – cocoa t
2. i know the score – frankie paul
3. mr medley – sanchez
4. sorry – Foxy Brown
5. Fast Car – Wayne Wonder
6. Some Guys Have all the Luck – Sanchez
7. feeling lonely – beres hammond and cobra
8. Tempted To Touch – Beres Hammond
9. Respect & Honor – Beres Hammond
10. Gave You Everything I Got – Garnett Silk
11. I Wish – Beres Hammond
12. Bonafide Love – Buju Banton & Wayne Wonder
13. Saddest Day of My Life – Wayne Wonder
14. telephone love – j.c. lodge
15. single life – home t
16. Come Love Me – Cocoa Tea & Johnny P
17. Bullseye – Brian And Tony Gold
18. Who She Love – Coco Tea Home T Shabba Ranks
19. Love Contract – Gregory Isaacs
20. i can see clearly now – Thiller U
21. Cover Me – Ninjaman & Tinga Stewart
22. Her Love is Burning – Pliers
23. It’s Over Now – Wayne Wonder & Fretty
24. Life Goes On – Spanner Banner
25. Woman – Little Richie
26. I’ll Prove It – Thriller U
27. nothing gonna change – candy man
28. I Was Born A Winner – Freddy McGregor
29. Time To Say Goodbye – Wayne Wonder
30. It’s Growing – Garnett Silk
31. Sitting In The Back Seat – Glen Rycks
32. Dress Back – Al Campbell
33. Moving Away – Jack Radics
34. Dont Worry – Sanchez
35. I Am Not A Substitute Lover – Half Pint
36. Hold Me – Admiral Tibet
37. Falling In Love – Glen Ricks
38. Place In Your Heart – Garnett Silk
39. Shower Me with Your Love – Sanchez
40. Loving You – Marcia Griffiths & Cutty Ranks
41. Falling In Love All Over Again – Beres Hammond
42. Let Him Try – Freddy McGregor
43. Too Experienced – Barrington Levy
44. End Of The Road – Frankie Paul
45. One Dance – Beres Hammond

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